Making Money in Car Detailing


How to Detail a car – what to expect from the service provider

Car detailing at its minimum involves cleaning the car from both the outside and the inside. However at a car wash we only manage to wash the car with soapy water and a good rinse afterwards. Cleaning the vehicle is important to maintain not just the look but also its resale value.

The car detailing done by a professional will however not just use a bucket of soap water but also take care of the interior in detail. Hence, taking the car once in a while to the detailer will help keep your vehicle in fine condition.

The paint on the car is delicate and needs to be handled with care. A reputable car detailer will take the process of cleaning through three steps – cleaning, corrects and protecting the paint surface.


The first step involves cleaning the car thoroughly to remove any dirt, grime sticking to the surface. The next step is applying clay bar which will remove any contaminants such as industrial fallout, metal particles, dirt and tar. After this step, there could be an application of polish to remove any swirl marks and fine scratches before the application of wax to protect the paint and give it a shine. This step is important and will result in the car looking new-like for several months.

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Chassis and Wheel

When talking of cleaning the car, it is important to note that all the parts, including the under-parts and the wheel wells and around the major suspension parts such as the anti-roll bars and control arms.  The wheels and tires are washed thoroughly and dressed in a protectant that improves their luster and protects from corrosion and cracking.

Headlights, taillights and exterior trim

After cleaning the headlights and taillights, they are sealed with a plastic sealant. The chrome trim is also cleaned and vinyl or plastic is dressed with a protectant to resist future cracking and fading.

Interior cleaning involves cleaning the carpet and seats. Using a shampoo or a steam cleaner, clean the vinyl or plastic surfaces. Leather surfaces should be conditioned and cleaned. Some services will provide cleaning even in the trunk of the car.

Engine Bay

All service providers do not do this but some will also spray mist around the engine bay and clean it with a degreaser and rinse it clean afterwards. After the cleaning is done, all parts should be properly dressed to protection them from any cracking.

A standard car detailing service will usually charge between 100-150 pounds. Larger vehicles like SUV and vans usually cost more to detail. If the provider uses premium quality products, expect to pay more. They may also charge for special equipments, steam cleaning, etc. if you want any extra services and they are equipped to provide that, avail those services too once in a while.


Even the worst neglected cars can be brought back to life with special care!

The car itself provides plenty of ammunition. Bodies have better corrosion details and finishes are made to last and of better quality. Wax and polish formulations are superior and easier to use, as well, so this provides more than enough to work with to get good results!

With the older vehicles, take special time and careful attention to the evaluation process. The condition of the car needs to be properly assessed before applying the product. Besides obvious wear and tear, look for a build up of tar and other assorted grime to have built up over time. You will definitely need to work on stubborn spots, as well.

Specialty cleaners should be used prior to waxing, such as a polishing compound. These work well to remove tougher stains and they will minimize the effects of deeper scratches.

In all cases, be very mindful that automotive exteriors and finishes will change just as car-care requirements do.